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Hi, my name is Lalaine. I'm freelance graphic designer and creative developer based in Toronto who loves experimenting with tech. I remember growing up watching all those spy movies in awe, because of all the cool gadgets. I think that where my fascination with technology started.

I don't look at coding as a collection of IF statements or a bunch of 0s and 1s but as a form of creative expression. Most of the programs I've written were used within a live performance context. I use C++, C# (Unity3D), Arduino, Processing, MaxMSP and OpenFrameworks. I can also use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Java. I develop custom software for live performances, games and Android applications.

Once described as a magical fairy, I enjoy bringing magic to life, whether it be through interactive projections or scenes we can only imagine in Photoshop. It is not only about creating magic, and seeing an awestruck look in someone's eyes though it is a big part of it but collaborating with people to create some magic.

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